craftsman accomplishes
his work with his own polished skills.
With a partner called the Tool belt,
which is filled with his own passion.

A waist pouch that activates

the craftsman's spirit.


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御主の拘りの腰袋 思う存分自慢せよ

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Please find your particular Tool belt
from the following list.

Similar products to our original products have been circulating. Please be careful when you purchase them.
For products that do not have the KNICS logo stamped on them,
we do not offer any paid repairs (some repairs are free of charge) or warranty. Please understand this.

【Caution and request】
We have received some comments from customers who have made purchases on the Internet that they have not received our reply e-mails. This may be because your cell phone is set to reject e-mails from PCs, your e-mail may end up in the junk e-mail folder of your PC, or the address you entered may be incorrect. Please check your settings when making a purchase.
【About leather products】
Please note that the color and tension of leather products may vary due to the natural leather nature.
【About size】
Dimensions may differ slightly from those indicated on the sewing machine during the manufacturing process. Especially in the case of nylon fabrics, the dimensions vary from product to product due to the bonding of urethane between the fabrics. Leather products may also have slightly different dimensions due to the natural nature of the material.
【Regarding initial defects】
In case of initial defects (unused), we will replace the product with a new one. In the case of snagging or damage, repair will be charged. (In some cases, depending on the situation, the repair may be free of charge.)


    ITo maintain pride
    in our work

    If you are particular about your work tools,
    it will lead to better work.
    They are connected to the work.
    Now, let's be more particular about our work tools.

    Focus on natural materials

    Because it is a natural material,
    wrinkles and scratches are part of its character.
    The wrinkles and scratches that nature has created
    are deeply satisfying, and as time goes by,
    the color will deepen and become more shiny.
    Eventually, they become a source of
    attachment and thoughtfulness.
    Now, let's enjoy the expression of the Tool belt as it changes with time.

    The leather used by KNICKS is finished in a way that brings out the natural expression of the leather, with less surface treatment, because we consider wrinkles and scratches as one of the unique characteristics of natural materials. Therefore, wrinkles and scratches appear in our products as they are. As the product is used, the color will deepen and become more shiny, and the scratches and wrinkles will become a part of the waist pouch/nail pouch/holder.

    Striped patterns appear around the neck, shoulders, back, and other areas where leather tends to wrinkle. This is called a "TORA" and some products have large tigers. The "TORA" area is not cracked, so it is not as strong as other areas. Normally, surface treatment is applied to remove the pattern, but we value the texture of the natural material as it is. The "TORA" pattern is also different in each case, so please enjoy the original character of the leather.

    出In order to allow you to enjoy the original expression of the leather and its change over time as much as possible, surface treatments such as color fixing are kept to a minimum. Please note that the color may migrate to other items due to rubbing against clothes or wetting with water.

    Utilizing the voices of craftman
    in the creation of products

    We value the voices of our craftsmen in the field.
    We want our products to be easy to use and something
    they can be proud of,
    because they are used to do the work they are passionate about.
    「For example, Cordura Ballistic was created from
    the voice of the field workers who said,
    "I want a tougher product"
    We will continue to work with craftsmen to create KNICKS products.

    enjoy customization to suit
    your personality and sensibilities

    EExpress your individuality and sensitivity
    through color customization and free combinations.
    It is possible to create
    the world's only hip tool that only you can own.

KNICKS supports Kate Rotas, a women's mixed martial artist

KNICKS supports Osaka Evessa as a sponsor